Bowling in Brabin Tournament 1974/75 (Ordered by Average)

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MK Johnston (Cant)80411-44.00 00
CJ Currie (Well)322911-99.00 00
AW Brennand (Auck)3527163155-1410.86 10
BJ Rosenberg (Well)4002322-2311.50 00
TJ Wilson (Ot)8823932-1213.00 00
PN Bentley (Well)45719157127-4813.08 10
D Gin (Ot)12518655-4117.20 10
DM Green (Well)3689198114-3618.00 00
SR Gillespie (Auck)4164240133-4618.46 00
MA Bracewell (Ot)64214317166-5519.81 10
WL Eddington (Cant)4004240124-7020.00 00
AK Leitch (Auck)8216033-2120.00 00
MT Johnston (Cant)176510553-5921.00 00
EJ Gray (Well)68330240114-3821.81 00
PD Meads (Auck)291217883-3622.25 00
SJ Ashworth (Ot)256216573-5523.57 00
CG Marks (Cant)4321317374-4724.71 00
GC Bateman (Cant)5731428293-3531.33 00
JK Lindsay (Ot)3361016653-3733.20 00
J Dickey (Ot)416816853-2333.60 00
BPW Wanden (Well)2401110133-5533.66 00
MS Bogle (Well)5761723775-4733.85 10
JP Langley (Cant)341620463-5334.00 00
RH King (Cant)4804511-4545.00 00
GJ Jones (Auck)299225942-11564.75 00
GJ Steel (Well)15228511-6985.00 00
BD Ritchie (Cant)8040    
DS Williams (Cant)8050    
TJ Murdoch (Cant)80130    
J Anderson (Well)560380    
CL Fawcett (Auck)961440    
RG Seabourn (Cant)963490    
S Parr (Auck)17601230