Bowling in Brabin Tournament 1958/59 (Ordered by Average)

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BF Hastings (Well)90222-21.00 00
IR Hartland (Cant)4211722-178.50 00
AB McCallum (Well)10235054-2010.00 00
RJ Lynch (Auck)43429133125-3111.08 10
MA Beban (Cant)49420205175-5612.05 10
DOC Williams (Well)33621135114-3912.27 00
M Williment (Well)35718144115-3113.09 10
RA Sissons (Auck)26812134104-8613.40 00
JD Smith (Auck)198511284-3214.00 00
JS Parson (Cant)46321172124-2614.33 00
RH Prouting (Cant)50728185113-1716.81 00
GW McLellan (Well)58539219134-3816.84 00
LD Andersen (Auck)2491311463-3619.00 00
CR Nicholson (Ot)46216234124-8119.50 00
LA Green (Auck)285815163-1325.16 00
GB Watson (Cant)3722312753-1425.40 00
R Hendry (Ot)211712854-3225.60 00
EJP Harley (Ot)7215322-5326.50 00
KW Burke (Well)13865321-2126.50 00
BR Hope (Cant)7222711-2727.00 00
LR Thompson (Ot)228515554-8431.00 00
PA Sharp (Ot)328618863-6931.33 00
PR Gibson (Well)181710433-3834.66 00
APG Ellis (Well)9606911-3069.00 00
MG Wallace (Auck)6040    
P Andrews (Cant)60120    
K Thomson (Cant)60130    
D Hill (Cant)120160    
MJ Aim (Ot)241230    
RFW McKinney (Cant)482260    
DSM Crombie (Well)361270    
RG Anderson (Ot)1264700