Bowling in Plunket Shield 1961/62 (Ordered by Average)

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RW Blair (Well)118386359396-409.20 42
BAG Murray (Well)1211011-010.00 00
GT McConnell (Well)75147266206-4113.30 10
RS Cunis (Auck)129178383277-2914.18 10
DD Beard (ND)1872130535376-7114.45 31
JM McIntyre (Auck)133883383266-8414.73 21
PD Stone (ND)300169463-2815.66 00
BA Bolton (Cant)3411812887-2316.00 10
GD Alabaster (ND)4953114993-4216.55 00
NT Woods (Ot)92666267154-6417.80 00
DC Hoskin (ND)78739303177-3317.82 10
J Hill (Ot)180119454-7618.80 00
BD Morrison (Well)110385303164-1418.93 00
DA Kinsella (CD)130488398216-2518.95 10
AH Preston (Well)6631911-1919.00 00
JWF Kiddey (Cant)131295399205-4119.95 10
JS Parson (Well)51626220113-2220.00 00
WB Norman (Auck)130997367185-6220.38 10
LC Butler (Well)5043116485-3420.50 10
RW Morgan (Auck)18096531-021.66 00
AR MacGibbon (Cant)83439274123-2722.83 00
BL Hampton (CD)107369398176-7323.41 20
N Puna (ND)100156329143-3423.50 00
AF Lissette (ND)372339642-4724.00 00
PC Semple (Ot)246119844-7624.50 00
AG Duckmanton (Cant)6744823692-2926.22 00
EL Mummery (CD)97858355134-15227.30 00
JHM Dawson (Cant)69126336126-7228.00 10
IB Leggat (CD)83942337115-6030.63 10
AM Moir (Ot)120653556185-6230.88 20
RG Anderson (Ot)95036404133-4231.07 00
AG Cartwright (Ot)112466368113-2733.45 00
LA Green (Auck)8284430882-3738.50 00
MB Poore (Cant)3782712433-5141.33 00
RI Long (Ot)9034211-1142.00 00
DL Gallop (Cant)7443125562-3342.50 00
LA Clark (Auck)6914025862-643.00 00
RM Harris (Auck)13265311-2253.00 00
B Sutcliffe (Ot)186810711-28107.00 00
DV Spence (CD)4211721921-32109.50 00
PPW Morris (Auck)6100    
EC Petrie (ND)3060    
WR Playle (Auck)6060    
LR Pearson (Ot)40120    
R Hendry (Ot)120140    
K Thomson (Cant)484190    
D Hill (Cant)604210    
BE Congdon (CD)302280    
RA Kelly (CD)420300    
MJF Shrimpton (CD)782400