Bowling in New Zealand Pub Charities National Tournament 1991/92 (Ordered by Player)

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LM Astle (CantB)198711432-3038.00 00
PS Bennett (CD)9244622-1723.00 00
KE Bond (Cant)121311-03.00 00
DK Brownlee (CantB)4241419094-9221.11 00
CA Campbell (Cant)78540231124-1919.25 00
SC Dickson (Well)5821033-63.33 00
HJ Dougherty (CD)270196776-289.57 10
EC Drumm (Auck)83736256237-1711.13 10
MG Duff (CantB)1202590    
LE Eagles (Well)3301910041-425.00 00
HP Fouhy (Cant)3741914783-3518.37 00
JCTM Gernhoefer (CD)1083510    
MM Graham (CD)55823217114-2819.72 00
DI Hamilton (CantB)4631719993-1022.11 00
LC Hampton (CD)2881611321-2956.50 00
SM Hampton (CD)62423251104-3725.10 00
LRVS Harford (Auck)336189433-3131.33 00
JE Harris (Well)50538120126-4210.00 10
RJ Hill (CD)12093011-3030.00 00
DA Hockley (Cant)48580    
AJ Hooper (NH)3781616273-1423.14 00
TA Jackson (Well)3332777116-187.00 10
YJ Kainuku (Auck)84524322215-4515.33 10
KM Keating (Auck)180922-94.50 00
AD Lang (CantB)341819962-3633.16 00
K le Comber (Cant)6010    
BJ Legg (Cant)47433131136-3210.07 10
S McLauchlan (Cant)71232242196-4912.73 11
L Madams (CD)12080    
NS Mahony (Auck)423180    
EM Moore (NH)15638163-2013.50 00
MD Morland (NH)10426611-4766.00 00
M Murray (CD)361140    
KJ Musson (Well)4562913393-1714.77 00
CM Nicholson (NH)3679147135-3511.30 10
KA Ramel (Auck)6615543-2413.75 00
ML Robertson (Well)306218953-1217.80 00
JA Russell (Well)157111432-7338.00 00
KT Ryan (CantB)49917212103-2821.20 00
LM Smith (NH)12608811-3088.00 00
A Spain (Auck)33819110106-3211.00 10
M Thompson (NH)2881117742-3844.25 00
JA Turner (Cant)65445134133-1110.30 00
S Waddingham (NH)156310921-3354.50 00
HM Watson (CantB)4751922072-3731.42 00
GL Whittington (CD)241120    
NM Williams (Well)58031151135-4011.61 10
TL Woodbury (Auck)192116043-1815.00 00