Fielding in Hallyburton Johnstone Challenge Shield 1945/46 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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ZM Martin (Cant)25 5
DN Cliffe (Auck)13 3
JI McCormick (Well)13 3
HM Steere (Cant)33 3
MD Coldham (Auck)12 2
A Marsh (Ot)12 2
DJ Rollo (Cant)22 2
MJ Taylor (Cant)32 2
M Thomas (Cant)22 2
HM Thompson (Auck)12 2
UK Wickham (Auck)12 2
P Blackler (Cant)21 1
HE Buck (Well)11 1
VE Burt (Auck)11 1
EM Busbridge (Ot)11 1
B Donaldson (Ot)11 1
MJ Fulford (Well)11 1
ALN Hammond (Auck)1011
ZE Hocking (Cant)31 1
AM Husband (Well)11 1
IM Lamason (Well)11 1
FP Pentecost (Cant)31 1
L Phelan (Ot)11 1
VE Russell (Cant)31 1
TDMM Sew Hoy (Ot)1011