Bowling in Shell Trophy 1977/78 (Ordered by Average)

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CM Kirk (Ot)250134675-206.57 10
JV Coney (Well)4821311-1313.00 00
EJ Gray (Well)64125202156-5313.46 10
BW Cederwall (Well)3281110575-3415.00 10
EJ Chatfield (Well)6242913996-5415.44 10
DR Hadlee (Cant)30479865-3816.33 10
MC Snedden (Auck)272211575-8116.42 10
JFM Morrison (Well)12063321-816.50 00
SL Boock (Cant)124757365217-5717.38 20
RJ Hadlee (Cant)4081316195-2817.88 10
PS Anderson (ND)21655432-2518.00 00
DR O'Sullivan (CD)54213275146-8419.64 10
RO Collinge (ND)20848042-3320.00 00
PJ Petherick (Ot)74029262124-8221.83 00
ADG Roberts (ND)352415574-6522.14 00
GP Howarth (ND)226813564-4322.50 00
GA Newdick (Well)9632411-1224.00 00
JAJ Cushen (Auck)80014315136-2724.23 10
CW Dickeson (ND)4931623196-7625.66 10
LW Stott (Auck)106530419165-7026.18 10
AB Jordan (CD)376919372-1627.57 00
GB Thomson (Ot)21669331-1831.00 00
BJ McKechnie (Ot)264126321-1931.50 00
BL Cairns (Ot)4881512943-5032.25 00
GB Troup (Auck)400819564-5932.50 00
DW Stead (Cant)5451918152-2636.20 00
BP Bracewell (CD)13617621-3238.00 00
DC Aberhart (CD)296912132-5940.33 00
DW Bracewell (CD)5141220552-6141.00 00
WL Eddington (Cant)9614311-2243.00 00
B Dunning (ND)8824511-4545.00 00
JM McIntyre (Auck)8082829264-10148.66 00
MJF Shrimpton (CD)10416111-4661.00 00
HA Morgan (Well)16066111-3361.00 00
BE Congdon (Cant)5001014021-370.00 00
MJ Child (ND)296716011-34160.00 00
GN Edwards (CD)5050    
GE Vivian (Auck)7080    
GS Allen (Well)322100    
JM Parker (ND)241100    
MH Toynbee (CD)321110    
RJ Kasper (Auck)240150    
RH King (Cant)481210    
RW Anderson (CD)80300    
HJ Howarth (Auck)560300    
ID Wilson (Cant)721350    
SN Bateman (Cant)560350    
RJ Calland (ND)560410    
DG Trist (Cant)961590