Bowling in Rothmans Under-23 Tournament 1969/70 (Ordered by Average)

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CR Garrett (ND)403622-63.00 00
DI Green (CD)220622-63.00 00
GB Murphy (Well)184112664-64.33 00
WA Greenstreet (Well)3132257105-265.70 10
R McGill (ND)20074887-276.00 10
RJ Hadlee (Cant)8022633-268.66 00
JFM Morrison (Well)21695764-319.50 00
RJ Hunter (CD)10424644-4611.50 00
TG Beatson (CD)23299485-7211.75 10
AR Hounsell (Cant)24097965-2613.16 10
RW Fulton (Cant)5621511-1215.00 00
RD Cox (CD)20037855-6415.60 10
WP Hand (Auck)304136442-3116.00 00
LJ Steel (Well)13693222-2516.00 00
PG d'Auvergne (Cant)12863622-1418.00 00
GA Powell (Ot)31259854-4919.60 00
JW Calder (Cant)261118543-1121.25 00
LJ Sewell (Auck)21326633-3022.00 00
RG Arblaster (Auck)24876832-1522.66 00
GB Thomson (Ot)18457032-5023.33 00
PS Anderson (Ot)21729444-6223.50 00
BD Smith (Well)229144922-3324.50 00
HM Soma (Auck)264610843-6427.00 00
ADG Roberts (ND)23728933-6529.66 00
DW Stead (Cant)8023011-2630.00 00
WCG Taylor (Ot)24096722-4833.50 00
B Gill (ND)19257111-971.00 00
RC Hooton (ND)48370    
CK Baker (Cant)56380    
RG Hewer (CD)16090    
WL Coventry (CD)160110    
DA Syms (Auck)482120    
RG Southgate (Auck)320140    
EK Gillott (ND)160160    
HC Sampson (CD)402160    
WR Berry (Ot)240170    
RJ Grubb (Well)160170    
L Stewart (CD)480200    
GM Turner (Ot)1005200    
PR Mathieson (Auck)722320    
AR Hillary (Auck)801330    
GDV Pulley (Cant)802410    
JSS White (ND)641420