Bowling in Rothmans Under-23 Tournament 1964/65 (Ordered by Average)

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RN Stewart (Ot)60111-11.00 00
PA Stubbings (Cant)110911-99.00 00
KO Campbell (Ot)10253332-1511.00 00
BN O'Connell (Well)13684744-4311.75 00
MG Burgess (Auck)37922151114-4313.72 00
SJ Edward (Well)76347258187-5414.33 21
AE Smith (CD)4202512485-3015.50 10
WA Thomson (Cant)2401611-1416.00 00
BDM Furlong (CD)80461226135-6117.38 10
MG Lester (Cant)21097043-3217.50 00
JFM Morrison (CD)4813615183-918.87 00
C Stringer (Auck)4022413673-6819.42 00
JW Burtt (Cant)74436334176-7719.64 20
B Smith (Auck)2721113874-2419.71 00
T Vaikvee (CD)12666132-2520.33 00
AR Hounsell (Cant)4802915372-2521.85 00
TM Watson (Well)61229240104-9524.00 00
ML Ryan (Cant)7724822393-4924.77 00
WR Barberel (Cant)3782613952-2627.80 00
CTM Beach (ND)168811243-9428.00 00
GW Douglas (CD)268138631-2528.66 00
CJ Coney (Well)3401912144-8930.25 00
RWR Haley (Ot)336821273-9030.28 00
A Hodgson (Auck)234139433-4331.33 00
MJ Passell (ND)156116321-1531.50 00
WJ Mitchell (ND)9626522-3932.50 00
BJ Collett (Well)2041010031-1933.33 00
RS Dunne (Ot)3931817253-3134.40 00
DN Matthews (ND)5941731095-12034.44 10
JF Bailey (ND)228810631-835.33 00
DG Billcliff (Ot)2101310831-1536.00 00
MP Baker (CD)16867621-2838.00 00
SJ Harris (ND)304248422-6942.00 00
DEC McKechnie (Ot)4622422352-4544.60 00
ID Hounsell (Cant)228910621-1553.00 00
SW Kohlhase (Auck)3421717231-3157.33 00
JR Carson (Auck)11446311-1663.00 00
PJ Davidson (Auck)9627211-4772.00 00
AJ Beuth (ND)5082121932-8973.00 00
JH Howell (CD)246811311-32113.00 00
JS Billcliff (Ot)2000    
CL Bull (Cant)6020    
BH Thom (CD)6020    
BD Smith (Well)6040    
GF Kember (Well)12140    
RH Michelson (Well)6050    
WJ Kitson (Ot)6050    
CJ Stevens (Cant)18150    
ID Woon (Well)18080    
PJ Cudby (Well)12090    
IR Mason (Well)180110    
RE Redmond (Well)362150    
PG Whelan (ND)120160    
CW Buttar (Ot)362210    
DLW Deeming (ND)10810280    
RM Laing (Auck)420310    
DH Payton (CD)422330