Bowling in Plunket Shield 1969/70 (Ordered by Average)

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LR Pearson (Ot)160611-66.00 00
ML Ryan (CD)70434164134-3412.61 00
MG Webb (Ot)75324341255-3413.64 20
RC Hooton (ND)19275744-3814.25 00
MJF Shrimpton (CD)3681610376-4014.71 10
B Andrews (CD)126940447287-3715.96 10
RC Matthews (Auck)5621711-1717.00 00
RM Harris (Auck)16883722-2818.50 00
GD Alabaster (Ot)122943341184-3218.94 00
PG Coman (Cant)8841911-319.00 00
WA Greenstreet (Well)102049298155-5619.86 10
DG Trist (Cant)87428300154-2320.00 00
NA Huxford (Cant)69625220114-5020.00 00
PB McGregor (CD)6432011-320.00 00
JC Alabaster (Ot)117127404205-6220.20 10
V Pollard (Cant)140873350177-7620.58 10
KI Ferries (Cant)70429212104-3421.20 00
LC Sparks (CD)69922269126-4622.41 10
BW Yuile (CD)7204315972-722.71 00
GA Bartlett (CD)344714462-2124.00 00
RW Hutchison (Ot)21674822-1224.00 00
JT Sparling (Auck)161063549225-3824.95 20
ADG Roberts (ND)286810042-1625.00 00
CM Kirk (Cant)103737335135-6225.76 10
RA Baddeley (Auck)6001721183-3726.37 00
JR Moss (Well)86815399155-5726.60 10
JM McIntyre (Auck)179961553204-3227.65 00
KD Kennedy (ND)138551415158-4927.66 10
MJ Coles (Well)102627415134-9731.92 00
BAG Murray (Well)10343211-1032.00 00
B Dunning (ND)5601920964-6734.83 00
BA Bolton (Well)6241621562-2035.83 00
GA Powell (Ot)8843611-2636.00 00
JFM Morrison (Well)448267421-1137.00 00
KO Campbell (Ot)4802414942-3837.25 00
MA Beban (Well)7522126173-9637.28 00
RE Sutton (Auck)5041419252-4438.40 00
MJ Horton (ND)12104236394-10940.33 00
SW Kohlhase (Auck)464916443-5041.00 00
JH Howell (CD)22468521-3542.50 00
BDM Furlong (CD)5121713332-3544.33 00
AR Hounsell (Cant)432722553-8445.00 00
JR Carson (Auck)296513931-1546.33 00
TC Masters (ND)312414332-4247.66 00
JW Burtt (Cant)368419742-7349.25 00
RH Prouting (Ot)3201010721-1253.50 00
PJ Havill (ND)320912721-1963.50 00
AJ Beuth (ND)4561419133-7263.66 00
LW Stott (Auck)4001313621-2568.00 00
RW Morgan (Auck)381914311-17143.00 00
CL Bull (Cant)8100    
K Thomson (Cant)16140    
JG Kemp (Auck)8050    
DP Lloyd (ND)24060    
BD Smith (Well)24290    
GP Bilby (Well)482100    
DW Stead (Cant)240120    
JH Blackmore (ND)240130    
PJC Coutts (Well)321140    
BV Sampson (Cant)320150    
DO Neely (Auck)400180    
NGS Smith (Ot)481190    
PG d'Auvergne (Cant)721490    
AB Jordan (CD)1524650