Bowling in Plunket Shield 1959/60 (Ordered by Average)

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RA Vance (Well)243111-11.00 00
KFH Smith (CD)240208373-011.85 00
JC Alabaster (Ot)114047507366-3914.08 31
AF Rapley (Cant)4693012796-7314.11 10
GA Bartlett (CD)66925270175-7215.88 10
JT Sparling (Auck)116359461297-9815.89 31
JR Reid (Well)97778245155-5016.33 10
TE Shaw (ND)2701214783-5218.37 00
JH Bray (Well)5043415082-1618.75 00
BD Morrison (Well)3661913975-8519.85 10
DC Hoskin (ND)47312207104-3120.70 00
JP Marsdon (Auck)4812111-1621.00 00
AF Lissette (ND)1652109484237-4521.04 21
RW Blair (Well)92966299146-4321.35 10
KW Hough (Auck)150089542257-4321.68 21
DD Beard (CD)1398101391186-5721.72 20
FJ Cameron (Ot)100860306144-5321.85 00
GD Alabaster (Cant)5763317582-921.87 00
B Sutcliffe (Ot)8416632-3122.00 00
DC Currie (CD)113850534246-5022.25 20
AM Moir (Ot)103036524235-7422.78 20
RE Reid (Well)83453275126-5722.91 10
JWF Kiddey (Cant)123291370164-4423.12 00
N Puna (ND)149385606266-4323.30 30
RC Motz (Cant)103946420183-2923.33 00
ME Chapple (Cant)4983116675-4723.71 10
BA Bolton (Cant)75740289124-6624.08 00
RE Sutton (Auck)71432266114-4324.18 00
LA Green (Auck)20489743-5224.25 00
AR MacGibbon (Cant)134869470195-8124.73 10
AH Preston (Well)5223619883-4424.75 00
RM Schofield (CD)186810142-4225.25 00
WT Walmsley (ND)65116319124-3026.58 00
LA Clark (Ot)324199732-4932.33 00
EW Dempster (Well)4803316353-5432.60 00
NJ Harwood (ND)4823511-2235.00 00
LC Butler (Well)5983321563-3435.83 00
DD Taylor (Auck)4203911-3739.00 00
EJ Sigley (Well)3021911932-6339.66 00
NT Woods (Ot)9427528372-2140.42 00
C Renwick (Auck)21689822-8049.00 00
SC Guillen (Cant)12094911-149.00 00
WB Norman (Auck)3662113921-1869.50 00
IB Leggat (CD)6483724531-1681.66 00
JA Turnbull (ND)19278711-6887.00 00
BW Yuile (CD)5622529131-3197.00 00
MRH Barbour (ND)3721519311-115193.00 00
DN Macleod (CD)6030    
RT Hunt (Cant)3030    
LSM Miller (Well)12060    
BW Sinclair (Well)31370    
PGZ Harris (Cant)12170    
RM Harris (Auck)302120    
PT Barton (Well)543160    
EA Watson (Ot)422190    
RW Morgan (Auck)300210    
DJ Vear (Ot)541310    
CR Nicholson (Cant)723420    
JD Behrent (Well)23451180