Bowling in Plunket Shield 1949/50 (Ordered by Average)

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AM Moir (Ot)16255544-5513.75 00
JR Reid (Well)35511141105-2014.10 10
RM Murray (Well)49229190133-1314.61 00
GF Cresswell (Well)111993204123-3217.00 00
EW Dempster (Well)15026842-2617.00 00
GWF Overton (Ot)85836323176-6319.00 30
OC Cleal (Auck)4142315483-3219.25 00
CLW Randall (Well)4772318693-2820.66 00
SM Cameron (Cant)343914974-4721.28 00
DC Cleverley (Auck)3982213263-6022.00 00
TB Burtt (Cant)82964276124-9323.00 00
JD Alderson (Cant)256514465-6624.00 10
CG Snook (Cant)17497233-5224.00 00
EA Watson (Ot)3721615464-2625.66 00
ME Chapple (Cant)2941510641-926.50 00
JP Blane (Auck)19748232-827.33 00
LD Smith (Ot)3851113953-3627.80 00
AW Roberts (Ot)19295721-1528.50 00
AR MacGibbon (Cant)71927316103-5731.60 00
FE Hemmingson (Auck)87139342103-5534.20 00
JB Donaldson (Auck)5041221163-5635.16 00
JE Hollywood (Auck)4501323552-8947.00 00
AE Cresswell (Well)4682016031-953.33 00
GO Rabone (Well)5162219232-6264.00 00
W Bell (Cant)228414821-4974.00 00
WM Anderson (Cant)11417411-1974.00 00
C Burke (Auck)288219511-5995.00 00
J Hardstaff (Auck)198512111-102121.00 00
LJ Groves (Ot)234513711-38137.00 00
IA Walsh (Ot)3601016011-38160.00 00
VJ Scott (Auck)6040    
B Sutcliffe (Ot)190130    
DD Coleman (Auck)240140    
MF Muir (Ot)300200    
PAT Small (Cant)908240    
JP Marsdon (Auck)663450    
KR Dollery (Auck)367131310