Bowling in Plunket Shield 1945/46 (Ordered by Average)

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RJ Duffy (Well)210611-66.00 00
J Cowie (Auck)83454240175-3314.11 10
AW McDougall (Ot)336208553-2617.00 00
C Burke (Auck)65338208124-1717.33 00
WA Hadlee (Ot)16257043-1417.50 00
RH Scott (Cant)74432307175-3818.05 20
LA Butterfield (Cant)79259209114-1719.00 00
DS Wilson (Well)30099653-6419.20 00
WR Buchan (Well)90746299147-6621.35 10
RCD Silver (Ot)83833329156-2021.93 11
FR Crawford (Well)9324622-4623.00 00
DAN McRae (Cant)84256308134-5023.69 00
DC Cleverley (Auck)72135295124-5424.58 00
AW Roberts (Ot)8897017474-5424.85 00
HEH Denham (Cant)6632811-2828.00 00
TB Burtt (Cant)90241372134-6528.61 00
LD Smith (Ot)3451311843-3429.50 00
RK Hatch (Well)8023527093-2930.00 00
CFW Allcott (Ot)22859133-9130.33 00
FE Hemmingson (Auck)9053111-2331.00 00
RC Harwood (Ot)5761918552-4637.00 00
HB Cave (Well)300911433-3038.00 00
IB Cromb (Cant)13828621-1043.00 00
R Allen (Well)3421613732-3045.66 00
MG Browne (Well)8405311-5353.00 00
K Parkin (Well)10835711-5757.00 00
AC Kerr (Auck)4262513521-3367.50 00
RWG Emery (Auck)252147511-6375.00 00
TA Freeman (Ot)6532625222-21126.00 00
OC Cleal (Auck)12110    
LA Milnes (Ot)18120    
HT Pearson (Auck)6020    
TC Fraser (Ot)180100    
AT Burgess (Cant)180110    
HF Rice (Well)421120