Bowling in Plunket Shield 1909/10 (Ordered by Average)

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AWS Brice (Well)11265055-3810.00 10
EE Crawshaw (Cant)6633832-2412.66 00
AE Relf (Auck)89064201145-4114.35 10
AM Howden (Auck)43714221145-4315.78 10
C Olliff (Auck)56522275174-2716.17 00
W Carlton (Cant)11636542-3016.25 00
AE Hadden (Auck)261910164-5016.83 00
JJ Rodgers (Well)7243722-3718.50 00
W Brook-Smith (Auck)6643822-2619.00 00
SA Orchard (Cant)11438144-6720.25 00
EF Upham (Well)13865222-4826.00 00
FA Taylor (Auck)17787932-826.33 00
D Reese (Cant)9645422-4427.00 00
TA McFarlane (Ot)18668533-8528.33 00
HG Siedeberg (Ot)4002911-2929.00 00
CG Macartney (Ot)2941711533-11538.33 00
FR Mason (Auck)14417311-4673.00 00
AH Fisher (Ot)234129811-9898.00 00
AD Downes (Ot)2821114211-142142.00 00
ANC Snedden (Auck)6020    
FA Laws (Well)6040    
AH Addison (Cant)18160    
HB Lusk (Cant)18170    
CC Hopkins (Ot)12070    
JS Hiddleston (Ot)18090    
LT Cobcroft (Well)120120    
WRL Gibbes (Well)180240    
HW Monaghan (Well)480340    
TA Carlton (Cant)842460    
JH Bennett (Cant)18010630    
RM Rutherford (Ot)842750