Bowling in Plunket Shield 1907/08 (Ordered by Average)

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AE Hadden (Auck)18688875-6512.57 10
AE Relf (Auck)2881711286-6414.00 10
JH Bennett (Cant)3421616955-16933.80 10
HB Lusk (Cant)6013411-3434.00 00
AM Howden (Auck)11447321-3036.50 00
EE Crawshaw (Cant)11807422-7437.00 00
JM Hussey (Auck)9044111-3141.00 00
AC Kerr (Auck)11426411-4064.00 00
TJ Malone (Cant)240613211-132132.00 00
SA Orchard (Cant)6020    
WR Patrick (Cant)18180    
CA Cuff (Cant)181100    
A Anthony (Cant)120110    
D Reese (Cant)1203660