Bowling in Mary Machin Shield 1940/41 (Ordered by Average)

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M Thomas (Sou)252136974-349.85 00
RE Symons (Cant)15654042-1210.00 00
P Blackler (Cant)282207973-3911.28 00
P Farquhar (Cant)5411211-512.00 00
VE Russell (Cant)330178263-3713.66 00
R Barclay (Sou)6003322-3316.50 00
HE Maley (Sou)4211811-1818.00 00
J Swale (Sou)9624622-4623.00 00
VM Garland (Ot)168115022-5025.00 00
MJ Taylor (Cant)216116122-1530.50 00
CA Baker (Sou)7814311-2543.00 00
MS Strathdee (Ot)12055311-5353.00 00
EE Blackie (Ot,Sou)234412022-3760.00 00
IE Stephen (Ot)542100    
ES Ingram (Sou)121100    
P Hannagan (Ot)784170    
HM Steere (Cant)180180    
M Freeman (Ot)664200    
B Campbell (Ot)1149350