Bowling in Mary Machin Shield 1933/34 (Ordered by Average)

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S Garner (Cant)728922-44.50 00
RE Symons (Cant)10572354-194.60 00
VE Russell (Cant)13673253-216.40 00
HE Miller (Ot)9682233-227.33 00
N Knowles (Ot)6641522-157.50 00
M Bewley (Ot)2411111-1111.00 00
EJ Berland (Cant)15073021-1315.00 00
MC Bishop (Ot)6131511-1515.00 00
E Jones (Cant)5431611-816.00 00
EM Busbridge (Ot)4803422-3417.00 00
MJ Taylor (Cant)10234122-3020.50 00
M Freeman (Ot)421130    
HU Johnston (Ot)361140    
DE Broadfoot (Ot)420150    
M Hollis (Ot)785190