Bowling in Kirk Cup 1966/67 (Ordered by Average)

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PJC Coutts (HB)5441422-147.00 00
A Hill (PB)3011311-1313.00 00
KD Kennedy (PB)16265843-1814.50 00
RB Kennedy (PB)12656343-4815.75 00
D Beuth (HB)15676544-6516.25 00
PD O'Shaughnessy (HB)6013422-3417.00 00
AJ Beuth (PB)13883522-2717.50 00
RG Lamberg (HB)13256022-6030.00 00
RA Penhearow (PB)204215243-7438.00 00
PJ Malcon (PB)6030    
LF Jones (HB)240180    
MP Baker (HB)240270    
PR Gibson (PB)782440    
JH Howell (HB)781540