Bowling in Kirk Cup 1965/66 (Ordered by Average)

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PJC Coutts (HB)60511-55.00 00
JH Howell (HB)2207124137-439.53 21
KD Kennedy (PB)12674044-4010.00 00
PD O'Shaughnessy (HB)6622622-2613.00 00
AJ Beuth (PB)17979574-6713.57 00
RE Haynes (PB)12655922-5929.50 00
WAL Totty (HB)3613111-3131.00 00
D Beuth (HB)16896322-3731.50 00
PR Gibson (PB)18260    
JW Guy (PB)361160    
RB Kennedy (PB)423180    
MP Baker (HB)242190    
RA Penhearow (PB)664310