Bowling in Kirk Cup 1963/64 (Ordered by Wickets)

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RB Kennedy (PB)21088174-3711.57 00
JD Henderson (HB)16293263-125.33 00
PD O'Shaughnessy (HB)10563766-256.16 10
BV Spooner (HB)6632333-237.66 00
RA Penhearow (PB)3015233-1717.33 00
MJF Shrimpton (HB)140921-24.50 00
RH Barton (PB)15066621-2933.00 00
D Lewes (PB)7869122-5445.50 00
JH Howell (HB)7242311-923.00 00
KD Kennedy (PB)2802511-1425.00 00
RCM Spencer (HB)30340    
TI Marks (PB)182120    
DD Dine (HB)240170