Bowling in Kirk Cup 1956/57 (Ordered by Average)

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DE Brian (HB)15478688-5410.75 10
MRH Barbour (PB)17887366-2912.16 10
KW Hough (PB)188108555-6317.00 10
JP Blane (PB)9626033-3820.00 00
FE Fisher (HB)5432211-2222.00 00
KFH Smith (HB)5413711-2637.00 00
JR O'Shaughnessy (HB)6010    
RB Kennedy (PB)6050    
DR Keys (HB)12080    
HG Bird (HB)120100    
LD Roderick (PB)420310    
RJ Blewden (HB)786310