Bowling in Hallyburton Johnstone Shield 1980/81 (Ordered by Average)

Runs conceded are not known for all matches
For each bowler, the average is computed taking into account only the runs and wickets in matches where his runs conceded are known
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A Szigetvary (NS)242311-33.00 00
PJ Hyman (Well)3631222-126.00 00
HM Shale (Auck)5422133-207.00 00
RJ Signal (CD)7882121-410.50 00
SJ Rattray (Cant)71636246217-1011.71 11
EA Badham (NS)85455284246-1211.83 10
SH Brown (Cant)133092392337-3211.87 31
J Lord (Well)80237276205-613.80 20
MH Peters (Well)1674147353255-2814.12 10
KL Gilray (Cant)60729215154-914.33 00
CE Marett (NS)62841232144-5516.57 00
CM Leighton (CD)64928301186-4316.72 10
JR Dunning (NS)3241814083-2017.50 00
SA Scoullar (Ot)32414176105-5017.60 10
SM Gilchrist (Auck)104852454255-6018.16 20
KV Plummer (NS)48622246135-2318.92 10
GL Page (Auck)29410190104-6119.00 00
PM Hogue (Ot)247415584-5719.37 00
RK Joyce (Ot)60029406186-1422.55 21
JP Akhurst (CD)51619250113-3322.72 00
LM Fraser (Well)115460390175-4522.94 10
SL Todd (NS)3241313862-1423.00 00
MG Thompson (Well)12044721-923.50 00
J Blair (CD)3421217473-5524.85 00
L Johnston (NS)8482511-2525.00 00
SA Harris (Cant)288168733-2129.00 00
CE Henshilwood (Well)126103011-1430.00 00
EA Signal (CD)62620332103-5433.20 00
DA Costello (Cant)282246821-634.00 00
CA Campbell (Ot)185710433-6734.66 00
FP Hedges (Auck)2403811-3838.00 00
LM Birkenhead (Auck)168511933-3839.66 00
DA Atterton (Well)7803032184-8440.12 00
RP White (Ot)198712132-5840.33 00
PR Hookway (Auck)12675111-2051.00 00
VS Sexton (CD)13866911-2969.00 00
AK Hann (CD)11427811-2378.00 00
PA Baker (Auck)378323633-6278.66 00
MF Richardson (CD)210119011-2490.00 00
JL Hall (Ot)198510911-?? 00
KM Marsland (Well)42450    
DA Hockley (Cant)24260    
EM Ryan (Auck)6060    
BL Bevege (Well)42570    
GT Tipa (Ot)60130    
A McKenna (Cant)482210    
SL Groves (CD)301220    
DH Malthus (Well)661290    
CA Marshall (Auck)300300    
MM Coughlan (Ot)438132310