Bowling in Hallyburton Johnstone Shield 1977/78 (Ordered by Average)

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ICP Jagersma (Cant)168115787-207.12 10
SH Brown (Cant)1426104314408-347.85 42
CA Salmon (Well)61442133164-228.31 00
J Lord (Well)85154230256-509.20 21
MH Peters (Well)96497147157-69.80 11
SM Gilchrist (Ot)82347305318-269.83 32
GL Page (Auck)79358207195-1510.89 10
DM Cobb (Auck)62639245205-3912.25 10
DMM Robinson (Ot)76745209176-3412.29 10
SL Todd (Auck)174610783-813.37 00
J Jones (NS)65930244187-5613.55 20
NJ Turner (Cant)7842822-1914.00 00
KS Currie (NS)63229243176-6214.29 11
AH Miller (Ot)1802922-2914.50 00
SRM Morris (Auck)80444296196-5815.57 10
SA Gardyne (Cant)228136443-2616.00 00
EJ Burnside (Well)4142215692-1817.33 00
PE Paterson (Cant)91841337195-7517.73 10
JN Whitcombe (Auck)001911-1919.00 00
JR Dunning (NS)2761013663-1122.66 00
JL Hall (Ot)156104821-924.00 00
RP White (Ot)5422511-625.00 00
MM Coughlan (Ot)3121315363-4025.50 00
SA Washington (NS)4061820372-2429.00 00
DA Hockley (Cant)4021515953-3131.80 00
GT Tipa (Ot)10816611-2066.00 00
A Szigetvary (NS)7807111-4071.00 00
JK Wickman (NS)24330    
K Slavof (Well)12030    
LP Richards (Ot)6040    
SD Cowles (Cant)6040    
SJ Skinner (Ot)2040    
DA Jelley (Cant)6060    
PJ Hyman (Well)18070    
B Buchanan (Ot)6080    
MM Luxmoore (Cant)36380    
J Tremain (NS)120140    
LJ Murdoch (Cant)240170    
L Johnston (NS)442250    
PA Baker (Auck)421260    
DA Atterton (Well)1085540    
KL Brown (Well)16811620    
APM Grace (Well)1745830