Bowling in Forrest Cup 1957/58 (Ordered by Average)

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B Gardiner (WC)00722-73.50 00
R Hickford (Bul)001122-115.50 00
DP Hendry (WC)00711-77.00 00
MA Beban (WC)9064966-338.16 10
R Bennett (Bul)00911-99.00 00
AJ Krakosky (WC)001111-1111.00 00
WA Kennedy (WC)004232-2814.00 00
DP Mumm (Bul)004022-4020.00 00
DK Maurice (WC)002111-1321.00 00
RR Humphries (Bul)002411-2424.00 00
AJ Wakefield (Bul)002611-2626.00 00
N Hay (WC)004811-3348.00 00
GH Skinner (WC)0070    
B Morris (WC)0070    
D Marr (Bul)00100    
RJ Griffiths (Bul)00110    
A Gibson (WC)00140    
RP Roberts (WC)00150    
JJ Struthers (Bul)00490