Bowling in Forrest Cup 1935/36 (Ordered by Wickets)

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J Cornish (WC)5413644-369.00 00
OJ Morris (WC)3102233-227.33 00
J Clarke (Bul)10806533-6521.66 00
CWE Restieaux (WC)7222822-2814.00 00
GR Wheatley (Bul)6614322-4321.50 00
G Simmonds (WC)3011911-1919.00 00
SC Stewart (Bul)4212111-2121.00 00
EC Knapp (WC)12050    
W Rapley (WC)120100    
LE Griffiths (Bul)241110    
WEG Neighbours (Bul)602180    
JG Smart (Bul)180180    
RJ Griffiths (Bul)602330