Bowling in Canterbury Minor Associations Cup 1973/74 (Ordered by Average)

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BD White (Ash)15444685-45.75 10
AJ Schafer (WC)12234255-428.40 10
DG Young (Ash)3169132156-438.80 21
KW Smythe (WC)1601111-1111.00 00
DW Livesey (Ash)15234643-2511.50 00
GJ Marshall (WC)14426355-6312.60 10
BV Sampson (Ash)19294032-2013.33 00
SJ Hunt (Ash)14484332-2114.33 00
RC Merrin (NC)18436744-6716.75 00
BC Sampson (Ash)10426032-2420.00 00
PL Hansen (Ash)8052411-1324.00 00
RC James (NC)8823611-3636.00 00
CJ Heslop (NC)7208322-8341.50 00
CE Dampier-Crossley (NC)8806311-6363.00 00
LJ Trowbridge (WC)160120    
DJ Isherwood (Ash)481130    
EB Tones (WC)643270    
SJ Blakely (NC)240330    
WH Newton (NC)642400    
BW Musgrave (WC)800430    
KD Williams (Ash)1123610