Bowling in Canterbury Minor Associations Cup 1935/36 (Ordered by Average)

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HE Cook (Ash)00432-31.33 00
AA Todd (Ash)00821-34.00 00
A Vaughan (WC)003142-57.75 00
CWE Restieaux (WC)002432-158.00 00
EB McSherry (Ash)001822-69.00 00
G Simmonds (WC)0093106-449.30 11
PM Harper (Ash)003233-2710.66 00
EC Knapp (WC)001211-1012.00 00
D Jarvis (WC)003522-2917.50 00
GE Willis (Ash)006432-3821.33 00
RT Drennan (Ash)006322-1431.50 00
EF Stigley (Ash)00110    
J Varcoe (Ash)00220