Bowling in Brabin Tournament 1961/62 (Ordered by Average)

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TGM Papesch (Auck)13537075-3010.00 10
B Smith (Auck)54625206197-2610.84 20
BR Harris (Well)40217171147-2912.21 10
BR Taylor (Cant)53432220166-3213.75 10
HJ Howarth (Auck)197810273-1914.57 00
DR Jeffcott (Well)9664733-4715.66 00
ML Ryan (Cant)64135331216-3115.76 11
J Mowlem (Auck)17466944-6917.25 00
GD Bibby (Well)48814245145-3917.50 10
SW Kohlhase (Auck)3241814786-6118.37 10
GLC Dunster (Ot)63942239136-7818.38 10
C Reid (Cant)51025214105-3121.40 10
PJ Dawson (Well)5422211-1022.00 00
MF Wallace (Ot)240513764-4122.83 00
RA Baddeley (Auck)7244721-1523.50 00
RG Mitchell (Ot)387821395-4123.66 10
MG Lester (Cant)2881016563-8327.50 00
DEC McKechnie (Ot)4211917963-2029.83 00
MJ du Chateau (Well)276323273-3333.14 00
MA Clements (Cant)4213911-839.00 00
MG Burgess (Auck)11448422-6442.00 00
RC Moreton (Ot)2941410121-1550.50 00
SR Paul (Ot)150110422-9052.00 00
AR Taylor (Well)4801526554-6453.00 00
JW Gilkison (Well)2010    
KO Campbell (Ot)6060    
GB Wain (Ot)60160    
HT Schuster (Auck)541330    
JF Logie (Cant)1445590    
WA Thomson (Cant)540610