Bowling in Amalgamated Theatres Shield 1936/37 (Ordered by Average)

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DE Simons (Well)9042684-93.25 00
EM Hulse (Auck)8342144-215.25 00
NA Dixon (Auck)5422333-237.66 00
IM Lamason (Well)150143342-108.25 00
JG Lamason (Well)18294854-279.60 00
ACS Menzies (Well)7231911-819.00 00
E Page (Well)6040    
OR Walker (Well)36340    
MJ Fulford (Well)54640    
I Webb (Auck)6050    
H Price (Auck)120110    
TM Bond (Auck)302140    
AE Hurcomb (Well)542190