ODI Matches played on Seat Unique Riverside Ground, Chester-le-Street (21)

20th May 1999 ICC World Cup 1999 Group BPakistan v Scotlando1453
27th May 1999 ICC World Cup 1999 Group BAustralia v Bangladesho1464
15th July 2000 National Westminster Bank Series 2000  England v West Indieso1615
16th July 2000 National Westminster Bank Series 2000  West Indies v Zimbabweo1616
16th June 2001 National Westminster Bank Series 2001  Australia v Pakistano1723a
4th July 2002 National Westminster Bank Series 2002  England v Indiao1851
29th June 2004 National Westminster Bank Series 2004  England v New Zealando2136
23rd June 2005 National Westminster Bank Series 2005  England v Australiao2253
24th June 2006 Sri Lanka in England 2006 3rd ODIEngland v Sri Lankao2386
15th June 2008 New Zealand in England 2008 1st ODIEngland v New Zealando2708
20th September 2009 Australia in British Isles 2009 7th ODIEngland v Australiao2892
10th September 2010 Pakistan in England 2010 1st ODIEngland v Pakistano3043
3rd September 2011 India in England 2011 1st ODIEngland v Indiao3186
7th July 2012 Australia in England and Ireland 2012 4th ODIEngland v Australiao3284
25th May 2014 Sri Lanka in Ireland and England 2014 2nd ODIEngland v Sri Lankao3493
20th June 2015 New Zealand in England 2015 5th ODIEngland v New Zealando3659
21st June 2018 Australia in England 2018 4th ODIEngland v Australiao4012
28th June 2019 ICC World Cup 2019  South Africa v Sri Lankao4176
1st July 2019 ICC World Cup 2019  Sri Lanka v West Indieso4181
3rd July 2019 ICC World Cup 2019  England v New Zealando4183
29th June 2021 Sri Lanka in England 2021 1st ODIEngland v Sri Lankao4296
19th July 2022 South Africa in British Isles 2022 1st ODIEngland v South Africao4434
24th September 2024 Australia in England 2024 3rd ODIEngland v Australiao4723