Miscellaneous Matches played on Auckland Domain, Auckland (11)

Note that the only matches included in this list are those for which CricketArchive has a scorecard on its database

29th January 1877 James Lillywhite's XI in Australia and New Zealand 1876/77  Auckland v James Lillywhite's XImisc28610
7th February 1878 Australia in New Zealand 1877/78  Auckland v Australiansmisc27901
22nd February 1881 Australia in New Zealand 1880/81  Auckland v Australiansmisc28626
2nd February 1882 A Shaw's XI in Australia and New Zealand 1881/82  Auckland v A Shaw's XImisc28629
6th December 1886 Australia in New Zealand 1886/87  Auckland v Australiansmisc28640
6th November 1896 Australia in New Zealand 1896/97  Auckland v Australiansmisc28472
15th February 1900 Melbourne Cricket Club in New Zealand 1899/00  Auckland v Melbourne Cricket Clubmisc28477
10th February 1905 Australia in New Zealand and Fiji 1904/05  Auckland v Australiansmisc28483
9th February 1906 Melbourne Cricket Club in New Zealand 1905/06  Auckland v Melbourne Cricket Clubmisc28486
8th January 1913 New South Wales Teachers in New Zealand 1912/13  Auckland University v New South Wales Teachersmisc601604
30th December 1965 Other matches in New Zealand 1965/66  Auckland B v Northlandmisc602804