Pearce Cup 2002/03

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26 Oct 2002  Naenae v North City Naenae Park, Naenae misc295371
26 Oct 2002  Onslow v Eastern Suburbs Nairnville Park, Wellington misc295372
26 Oct 2002  Taita v Hutt Districts Fraser Park, Taita misc295373
26 Oct 2002  Upper Valley v Karori Delaney Park, Stokes Valley misc295374
02 Nov 2002  Karori v Eastern Suburbs Karori Park, Wellington misc295375
02 Nov 2002  Naenae v Onslow Naenae Park, Naenae misc295376
02 Nov 2002  North City v Hutt Districts Linden Park, Tawa misc295377
02 Nov 2002  Taita v Upper Valley Fraser Park, Taita misc295378
16 Nov 2002  Eastern Suburbs v Taita Kilbirnie Park, Wellington misc
16 Nov 2002  Hutt Districts v Naenae Hutt Recreation Ground, Lower Hutt misc295379
16 Nov 2002  North City v Karori Linden Park, Tawa misc295380
16 Nov 2002  Onslow v Upper Valley Nairnville Park, Wellington misc
23 Nov 2002  Eastern Suburbs v Hutt Districts Kilbirnie Park, Wellington misc295381
23 Nov 2002  Karori v Onslow Karori Park, Wellington misc295382
23 Nov 2002  Taita v North City Fraser Park, Taita misc295383
23 Nov 2002  Upper Valley v Naenae Delaney Park, Stokes Valley misc295384
30 Nov 2002  Eastern Suburbs v Naenae Kilbirnie Park, Wellington misc295385
30 Nov 2002  Onslow v Hutt Districts Nairnville Park, Wellington misc295386
30 Nov 2002  Taita v Karori Fraser Park, Taita misc295387
30 Nov 2002  Upper Valley v North City Delaney Park, Stokes Valley misc295388
14 Dec 2002  Eastern Suburbs v North City Kilbirnie Park, Wellington misc295389
14 Dec 2002  Hutt Districts v Upper Valley Hutt Recreation Ground, Lower Hutt misc295390
14 Dec 2002  #Naenae v Karori Naenae Park, Naenae misc295391
14 Dec 2002  #Onslow v Taita Nairnville Park, Wellington misc295392
11 Jan 2003  Eastern Suburbs v Upper Valley Kilbirnie Park, Wellington misc295393
11 Jan 2003  Karori v Hutt Districts Karori Park, Wellington misc295394
11 Jan 2003  #Naenae v Taita Naenae Park, Naenae misc295395
11 Jan 2003  #North City v Onslow Linden Park, Tawa misc295396
18 Jan 2003  Karori v North City Karori Park, Wellington misc295397
18 Jan 2003  Naenae v Hutt Districts Naenae Park, Naenae misc295398
18 Jan 2003  Taita v Eastern Suburbs Fraser Park, Taita misc295399
18 Jan 2003  Upper Valley v Onslow Maidstone Park, Upper Hutt misc295400
01 Feb 2003  Eastern Suburbs v Karori Kilbirnie Park, Wellington misc295401
01 Feb 2003  Hutt Districts v North City Hutt Recreation Ground, Lower Hutt misc295402
01 Feb 2003  Onslow v Naenae Nairnville Park, Wellington misc295403
01 Feb 2003  Upper Valley v Taita Maidstone Park, Upper Hutt misc295404
08 Feb 2003  Hutt Districts v Eastern Suburbs Hutt Recreation Ground, Lower Hutt misc295405
08 Feb 2003  Naenae v Upper Valley Naenae Park, Naenae misc295407
08 Feb 2003  North City v Taita Linden Park, Tawa misc295408
08 Feb 2003  Onslow v Karori Nairnville Park, Wellington misc295406
22 Feb 2003  Eastern Suburbs v Onslow Kilbirnie Park, Wellington misc295409
22 Feb 2003  Hutt Districts v Taita Hutt Recreation Ground, Lower Hutt misc295410
22 Feb 2003  Karori v Upper Valley Karori Park, Wellington misc295411
22 Feb 2003  North City v Naenae Linden Park, Tawa misc295412
08 Mar 2003  Hutt Districts v Karori Hutt Recreation Ground, Lower Hutt misc295413
08 Mar 2003  Naenae v Taita Linden Park, Tawa misc295415
08 Mar 2003  Onslow v North City Nairnville Park, Wellington misc295414
08 Mar 2003  Upper Valley v Eastern Suburbs Delaney Park, Stokes Valley misc295416
22 Mar 2003  Karori v Naenae Karori Park, Wellington misc295417
22 Mar 2003  North City v Eastern Suburbs Linden Park, Tawa misc295418
22 Mar 2003  Taita v Onslow Fraser Park, Taita misc295419
22 Mar 2003  Upper Valley v Hutt Districts Delaney Park, Stokes Valley misc295420
29 Mar 2003  Hutt Districts v Onslow Hutt Recreation Ground, Lower Hutt misc295421
29 Mar 2003  Karori v Taita Karori Park, Wellington misc295422
29 Mar 2003  Naenae v Eastern Suburbs Naenae Park, Naenae misc295423
29 Mar 2003  North City v Upper Valley Linden Park, Tawa misc295424

The scorecards marked with a # are potted scores only.